Dr. Hook Makes It To The Cover

The Cover Of The Rolling Stone only made it to #6 on the charts.  But the story of hos the band got the song and made the cover is rather interesting


The Greatest Drummers

Drummers Beware!  This is an amazing and detailed look back in time!


The Life of a Prince

It's amazing the complexity of this mess.  The poor guy forget to create a Living Will and now everyone wants a piece of the action. The O"Jay's said it best in their tune "For The Love of Money."  

The Life of a Prince

Dan Hicks - His Music Lives On

Sad news....Dan Hicks left us in February - he was an underground sensation, great musician and had a loyal group of fans that loved his unique style and writing approach!

Dan Hicks - An American Icon




The Dead Reign

The Dead never die.  And their ability to play and record music is amazing.  God Bless The Grateful Dead!

Technical Pioneers - In Many Ways


Do You Like Twin Peaks? Most Men Do...

Heaven Is For Real?


Bieber and the Music Awards - What Could Go Wrong?

Justin "The Biebs" Bieber Is Up To No Good - What A Surprise!

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