Featured "Cover" Songs: Man Smart, Woman Smarter (GD) ,My Maria (B. W. Stevenson), Moon Dance (Van Morrison) ,Let my Love Open the Door (Pete Townsend) ,Cripple Creek ( the Band) ,Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad (NRPS) , The Weight (the Band)


This Mix includes portions of songs from the bands forthcoming album:

"Unlimited View"

Songs featured: 

Only With Love / Cut One / Its Rock-n-Roll / Now That Your Gone / Goosebumps / Bayou Betty / Miracle / Scream / Ghost in My Room / What the Hells Happening.

Scott Cagle


This is the single from the NEW ALBUM!

Unlimited View

This Song written and performed by Scott Cagle "Ballad of Bayou Betty" was taken from a broadcast on KDHX 88.1 in St. Louis Mo. At the time Scott was with the studio band "Jack Static" as the DJ mentions at the end.


No song has it all but, this one comes close with a combination of Pop, Reggae, a bit of weirdness ,and a surprise ending.

Keep in mind it's got a middle eight "jam" thats out of this world!


Recorded in Nashville this song was written by Howard Levinson and performed by singer Joan Welch.

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