Scott Cagle

Guitar | Keys | Bass | Vocals

Scott has toured in Nashville and Branson with a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band.  He was the head of the Cozmic Troubadours - a regular at Maplewood's   'Grateful Inn.'   Scott's broad command in multiple musical genres results in everything from  funky dance jams,to reggae and fun loving rock. Scott released an album of his songs.

Bret Scott

Drums | Cajon | Vocals

Bret has been a rock drummer since his teenage years and showcases his percussive skills on a full drum set or a Cajon. Either way, he keeps the beat going all night long.

Howard Levinson

Guitar | Banjo | Harmonica | Vocals

Howard is a singer and songwriter of country, rock-a-billy, and rock songs.  He's bee the frontman for  a number of bands over the years including glitter, punk, rock and country genres.  Musically, you'll hear influences from Lou Reed, Tom Petty, Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Toby Keith and Waylon Jennings. Listen to these stories of broken bodies, broken hearts, love, lust, and pick-up trucks. You might find a little bit of you somewhere in here too. He is recording his song catalog in Nashville and has written three novels. Visit his website to listen to some songs and check out  the books.